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Dear Parents/Families of Browning Elementary Students, We are excited to welcome you to a new school year! We have some great things happening and we want to take the opportunity to share this with you… Principal: Mrs. Jennifer Wagner is the Principal of Browning Elementary School. She is looking forward to meeting and creating positive relationships with all the students and parents. She will be making home visits and phone calls to reinforce a positive academic environment at BES. Please feel free to contact her regarding any questions or concerns related to your child’s education and any experiences here at BES. Academics: We start the day with Breakfast (everybody eats) and our academic day consists of Science, Math, Writing, Enhancement, Reading, Specials, and AR. GOAL: Increase our proficient percentage in Math, Writing and Reading by 15% on district assessments and 10% on SBAC. Assistant Principal: Ms. Kari McKay is the Browning Elementary School Assistant Principal. She will be handling all the behavioral referrals and attendance with home visits and parent phone calls. She is looking forward to having good, positive, working relationships with all of the parents of the students, so please feel free to contact her at any time for concerns or questions with regards to your child’s behavior and/or attendance. Behavior: We are an MBI School; we have developed procedures for the classrooms, hallways, lunchroom, playground, bathrooms, and busses that will help teach our students appropriate behavior based upon respect. GOAL: Decrease our behavioral incidents by 15% using the MBI process. Attendance: Our school day begins at 8:10am and we dismiss at 3:30pm (M-Th) and 2:30pm (F). We acknowledge students who have perfect attendance every month, quarter, & year end with recognition, incentives & activities! We will also be rewarding students with 95%, good attendance and students who improve their attendance with incentives and activities! Last year our average attendance was  84%. WE WANT STUDENTS TO BE IN SCHOOL EVERYDAY! GOAL: Decrease 40+ absences by 10%. Student safety: BES has a drop off lane on the east side of the building. This lane is not for parking! If you would like to park and walk your child into the building, please park on the one-way street so we can keep the drop off lane clear. We also encourage all students, and parents to use the crosswalks. Please use the east entrance and check in at the office when coming to see your student, teacher or the principal. We are able to keep your student safe when we know who is coming through our doors. Parent Information: We want to know our families on a positive level and would like to build relationships with you. Please do not be surprised when we call to come visit. We hope that you will welcome us as we want your support in making BES a better place. Parent Membership -School Leadership Team & MBI Team-We are recruiting for parent members on our team. We will meet monthly to plan and review monthly activities. We need your participation and assistance! Please let us know if you are interested. Parent Center: We are excited to offer a comfortable place for parents in our school. We have developed a Parent Center, located in the main office. We welcome parents to stop in for a cup of coffee or tea! If you need to visit with anyone in regards to your child, please stop by - we will make time for you!! Parent Partnership Activities: We have monthly parent activities during the regular school day and in the evenings for you to learn ways how to help your child with Math and ELA skills. Culture: Each month we will host a culture day in every classroom in which students will have the opportunity to work on a project and learn about Pikunni Culture and Indian Education For All. These are great opportunities to build relationships with your child’s teachers and the staff at BES. The dates/times are in the brochure. Nutrition- We feel birthdays are im
Posted by JenniferL  On Aug 23, 2018 at 3:08 PM
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