Parent/Student Information (COVID 19)

Meals for youth - open to ANY youth under 18 (even private school or homeschool students, or students from other school districts)

  • During this school closure period, our school lunch and breakfast program is open to all youth for FREE.  When possible the student needs to be at the bus for meal pickup per USDA regulations (subject to change as waivers received).

  • The following sites will have meals Breakfast 8:30-10:00 Lunch 11:00-12:30.

    o   Elderly Homes and surrounding Areas: 

    §  North Flat Iron

    §  South Flat Iron

    §  North Country Estates

    §  South Country Estates

    §  6000 Block

    o   Post Office and surrounding Areas:

    §  North west Browning

    §  North East Browning

    §  Tele Tubby

    o   Teacher Trailer Courts

    o   Easter egg Homes and surrounding Areas

    §  Flintstone

    §  Tri Co Homes

    o   Knots Landing and surrounding areas:

    §  Knots Landing

    §  Depot Coulee

    o   BlackFoot

    o   Babb

    o   Fema

    o   Starr School

    o   Bear Paw

    o   Last Starr

    o   Skate Park and the surrounding areas:

    §  North Glacier Homes

    §  South Glacier Homes

    §  College Homes

    §  Vet Homes

    o   Treatment Center and the surrounding areas:

    §  Hospital Housing

    §  Mountain View

    §  Death Row

    §  Horse Shoe Loop

    §  Nurse Creek Road

    o   Swimming Pool and the surrounding areas:

    §  Moccasin Flat

    §  700 Block

    §  600 Block

    o   Browning Middle School Bus lineup and surrounding areas:

    §  China Town

    §  1200,1300,1400

  • When picking up meals at a school site or a bus stop, please maintain a 6 foot distance from others waiting in line for meals.

Food Allergies: Parents or guardians, please examine the food  for those students who have food allergies. We will identify lunches that have peanuts, but we recognize that there are other food allergies.  If your student has known food allergies, please check over the food that has been delivered for any potential problems. If you have questions about how the food was prepared or specific ingredients, please contact our food service department at 338-7952

The BPS Facebook page may contain information specific to a particular district school.  Please check it for information.


 We have made our wireless network available 6:00 am - 10:00 pm. for ALL members of our community. We are unable to let you inside the buildings at this time but the wireless signal is available outside close to most of our buildings.

Connect to: BPSeduAccess

There is no password required after you acknowledge a check box.

PLEASE be mindful of COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

Keep any groups to less than 10 people and keep a distance from each other of 6 feet or more.

Respect the BTBC curfew times of 10:00pm to 6:00am - to respect the curfew times, the wireless network will be unavailable during the curfew hours. Hours of access will be adjusted if curfew times change.

DO bring your devices fully charged.

DO note that access is filtered for inappropriate content. If you are trying to reach a site that is filtered and believe it is appropriate, please email the web site(s) to

BHS students your 1:1 assigned iPad will continue to connect to the ConnectED network and you can try different buildings, you can stay in town around Napi, Vina, etc -remember to respect curfew hours of 10pm-6am.