Board Policies

The Browning Public Schools Policy manual contains the operational policies of the District. The policies are adopted by the Board to give the administration guidance it needs to implement the educational philosophy, mission and vision of the board and district. The manual is organized in nine areas. Throughout the manual, the term "the student's parent" is used to refer to the parent, legal guardian, or other person who has agreed to assume school-related responsibility for a student. In addition, the term "Superintendent" is used to the Superintendent or a designee appointed by the Superintendent.
The policies are continually reviewed and updated throughout the year as policy adoption and revision is an ongoing process.
The policies are grouped into the following series:
1000 Series: Board of Trustees
2000 Series: Instruction
3000 Series: Students
4000 Series: Community Relations
5000 Series: Personnel
6000 Series: Administration
7000 Series: Financial Management
8000 Series: Non-Instructional Operations
9000 Series: Facilities