KW-Vina Elementary

A drawing of an Indian girl.Our students might belong to someone else but it takes "village to raise a child." Let's make an effort to come together to teach our children. When we make an effort, we will all be part of their educational journey!  "Our children are our most sacred resources."Drawing of an Indian boy.
KW-Vina sign in front of Vina Chattin school building

Browning Public Schools
KW/Vina Elementary
210 1st Avenue SW
P.O. Box 629
Browning, MT  59417
Rose Bird Rattler 
KW: (406) 338-2756
FAX: (406) 338-5607
Memoree Tatsey
Vina: (406) 338-2758
FAX: (406) 338-5625
KW/Vina School Leaders
 Toni Tatsey
Assistant Principal:
     Rebecca Rappold
A small drawing of an Indian girl. A small drawing of an Indian boy.

The KW-Vina Instructional Framework.

2017-18 KW-Vina Staff on playground