Montana Soars: Good Medicine Program

Montana Soars: Good Medicine Program logoThe GOOD MEDICINE PROGRAM provides school based supportive services, Tier 2, case management, and referral services to those students who are being negatively influenced by substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, bullying, suicide or other self-harming behaviors, homelessness, post-traumatic stress, grief and loss, violence, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and cognitive thinking errors and other disorders or deficits, to name a few. We believe in the internal strengths and resilience of our children and their ability to overcome numerous internal and external barriers, if given the proper lifesaving interventions. We work with the whole child and help or assist them in the retuning to a sense of belonging to their ability to overcome numerous internal and external barriers, if given the proper lifesaving interventions. We help or assist our students to returning to a sense of belonging and their ability to live in balance and harmony with the world around them. We are also firm believers that people do not recover or heal in a vacuum and therefore, the family is the most important cornerstone of recovery. Recovery is a family affair, and we provide family supports and referral services to all members of the family. 

GOOD MEDICINE will roll out the CONNECT- Browning Electronic Referral System, which will connect and improve services to the community. We have many linkages to service providers in our community, county, and state, to assist the student who comes into contact with our program, and who are in need of more specialized forms of treatment or therapy. We work closely with Tamarack Grief Center, Indian Health Service, Northern Winds Recovery Center, Drug and Alcohol service providers, and other outside mental health providers. Please contact Karla Bird if interested in a informational training and/or getting onto the program at 338-5747.

GOOD MEDICINE is also a participant in the community YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID training program. This program offers a one day training module, which provides information, in a non-threatening classroom environment, on how to identify and refer students who may be suffering from mental or emotional disorders, as well as substance abuse issues. 

GOOD MEDICINE Youth Mental Health Specialists are placed in each school to be readily accessible to students and staff. Their hours of work are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday, to be of optimal access to students, staff, and parents. We believe in the virtue and ethics of confidentiality and strive to protect these rights to all we serve, unless you are going to harm yourself, are going to harm others, or someone else is harming you. In these cases we will do everything possible to help and assist.  

Kimberly Tatsey-McKay, MSW, Good Medicine Program Director located in the Buffalo Hide Academy
338- 4380 

Daniella Rinehart, MEd, Youth Mental Health Specialist located in the Browning Elementary.     
Jennifer Ehlers, BSW, Youth Mental Health Specialist located in the Browning Napi School

Tessa Racine, MEd, Youth Mental Health Specialist located in the Browning Napi School.

Dr. Karla Bird, MEd, EdD, Good Medicine Program Specialist is located at the Browning High School.

Juliana Salois BSW, Youth Mental Health Specialist located in the Vina Chattin & K.W. Began.