FIT Resources

The Families In Transition (FIT) Program focuses on supporting students to be academically successful by removing barriers. These barriers can include things such as access to school supplies, laundry facilities, childcare for teen parents, mental health concerns and transportation. The FIT program coordinates with numerous community partners and programs to meet the needs of eligible students. 

Resources for Families
Montana Office of Public Instruction McKinney Vento
Blackfeet Early Childhood Center~ 338-7370
Childcare Development Fund~ 338-3821
Blackfeet Food Distribution Program~ 338-7340
Blackfeet Indian Housing Authority~ 338-5031
Blackfeet ManPower~ 338-2111
Blackfeet TANF~ 338-2111
Glacier County Office of Public Assistance~ 338-5131
Blackfeet Legal Department~ 338-7777
Blackfeet Tribal Court~ 338-5061
Blackfeet Low Income Energy Assistance Program~ 338-7977
Energy Share~ (406) 761-0310
Blackfeet Medicine Bear Walk-In Center~ 338-7842
Blackfeet Transit~ 338-5604
Crystal Creek Lodge~ 338-6330
Blackfeet Community Health Representatives~ 338-2477
Blackfeet WIC program~ 338-5311
Blackfeet Boarding Dorm~ 338-7441
Blackfeet Community Hospital:
     Behavioral Health~ 338-6146
     Well Child Clinic~ 338-6191
     Dental~ 338-6180
     Eye Clinic~338-6140
     Women's Clinic~ 338-6374
Blackfeet Law Enforcement~ 338-4000
Blackfeet Family Services~ 338-5181
Blackfeet Domestic Violence Program~ 338-2408
DLBS Thrift Store~ 338-5403
Southern Peigan School Health and Wellness Program~ 338-3948

Resources for Unaccompanied Homeless Youth  
FAFSA for Unaccompanied Homeless Youth
School House Connection
Montana Youth Challenge Academy ~ (877) 367-6927
Job Corps~ (800) 733-5627
Opportunities Youth Employment~ (406) 873-0748

Also see "Resources for Families" listed above

Resources for Educators

Montana Office of Public Instruction McKinney Vento
National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth
National Center for Homeless Education
National Center Homeless Education for Unaccompanied Homeless Youth