Resources for Pregnant and Parenting Teens

Blackfeet Manpower Pregnant and Parenting Teen Coalition~
contact Carol Williamson at (406) 338-3821

Blackfeet Early Childhood Center PreNatal program ~ 338-7370, ext. 2208

Blackfeet Community Hospital Women's Health Clinic~ 338-6374
Blackfeet Community Hospital Well Child Clinic~ 338-6191
Blackfeet Community Health Representatives~ 338-2477
Southern Peigan School Health and Wellness Program~ 338-3948

Blackfeet WIC (Women, Infant, Children) Program~  338-5311
Blackfeet Food Distribution Program~ 338-7340
Blackfeet TANF~ 338-2111
Glacier County Office of Public Assistance~ 338-5131

Childcare Resources:
     Blackfeet Early Childhood Center~ 338-7370
   Childcare Development Fund~ 338-3821
   Browning Public Schools Childcare Center~ 338-5025

Blackfeet Indian Housing Authority~ 338-5031

Blackfeet Transit~ 338-5604

Blackfeet Law Enforcement~ 338-4000
Blackfeet Family Services~ 338-5181
Blackfeet Domestic Violence Program~ 338-2408

DLBS Thrift Store~ 338-5403
Browning Public Schools Clothing Closets & Food Pantries~ 338-5025